Saturday, July 9, 2016

Denver Baby!

By 4 a.m. the rider parking was filling in and most of the SpotTrackers were satisfactorily lined up along I-25 North and South on their way into Denver.  Rick Miller came in at about 4:11 after hoovering up bonuses on his way up from Texas.  Greg Lenentine was playing leap frog with Kirsten on the highway north from Colorado Springs.  Josh Mountain and Eric Bray, looking fit and fresh, were set up on the other side of the table preparing to score their first riders.  Terry and Lynda Lahman were done scoring by 4:45.  Connie Gabrick was in, happily pulling items off her bike while noting that her fuel pump has made a strange sound since Leg 1.  Wolfe sidled up to Kirsten in the breakfast room ~ so do you know your score?  Brian Walters came out of the room and said, "well I gave away some free points."  John Coons came in with his thumb down saying, “hey 5,000 points, pffft!” Kirsten gave away 1,100 points for a transposed number.  Crap.  Points were leaking out of the scoring room this morning. 

Kirsten got in at 5:15 a.m., while her SPOT said that she was still in Aurora.  She only felt bad that there weren’t any bonus locations closer in with 45 minutes to spare – wasn’t quite enough time to get up to the Boulder bonus and back before penalties.    

Scoring and breakfasting done, most riders are now sleeping.  We’ll get up in a few hours and head out to get that rear tire taken care of.  BMW of Denver Motorcycles is grilling burgers for all the riders coming to get post-rally work done.  These guys are great and were pretty excited to see everyone when I spoke with them yesterday.  This is the in-between time.  The time after scoring and before the banquet filled with little things like sorting through the gear left in the gear check room, taking a well-deserved shower, and speculating about the final standings.  As predicted – Leg 2 was a game changer with the bonus combos.  We’ll see how it all sorts out in a few hours.

Kirsten and Greg Lenentine parking at the finish, Butt Lite VIII.


  1. Love hearing the stories. Thanks for bringing us armchair riders along with ya!

  2. I Love that you do this! I wish my business trips would let me get bonus points :) Well done!