Monday, November 23, 2009

Can you SPOT me?

So, enough people have talked to me about getting a SPOT tracker that I finally did it. Bear with me as I get it figured out. I've put a link on the right to my tacking page. As we head north to stuff ourselves for the festival of over eating, I'll try sending updates and see if the tracking works.

If it does, could you imagine how much fun it would have been to keep you all with me "real time" as I headed across country? Well, I might just have to give it another try if this pans out.

Just another farkle in the quest to get ready for August 2010!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Been re-reading your comments...

and smiling and tearing up and feeling a little guilty for not putting up pictures yet or adding some more of the "back story" to the blog. But mostly, I'm once again feeling so thankful for you all. As I think about the mental preparation needed for the IB5000, you're words of encouragement and confidence in me is so very meaningful.

While the physical preparation is no joke (thank you "Biggest Loser" DVDs), the mental aspect of the pending ride is more daunting to me.

It's one thing to ride, throttle wide and road stretching out before you, it's a whole other world when you're hunting points. The miles and hours give you plenty of time to question your routing, if you made the right choices, did you do what you were suppose to at the last stop to earn the points, is the next one a day or night bonus, should I get gas now or stop later, can I push now and still be good for later.... the second and triple guess your every move. I've only competed in a 36-hour rally, so a 130+ hour extravaganza is a whole other beast.

I can't imagine trying this without even this experience. Thanks to Rally Master (affectionately known as the Rally Bastard) Rick Miller for the challenging Mason-Dixon 20-20 rides the last two years. Who would have known? Last year Jennifer kept saying, "you know you're going to try to get into the Iron Butt Rally." And I kept insisting that I wasn't ready.... and then Lisa Landry's email arrived. Ah, how the Fates do have fun with us.

Ta-ta for now... I'll see about adding to the 100CCC write-up. Including such fun as the time I ran out of gas, for the second time :)

If you thought the 100CCC was something...

I am humbled to share that I made it into the inaugural Iron Butt 5000 next August, 2010. This is a true Iron Butt Rally, but condensed into half the time. The idea is to give us newbies some training wheels, but like the RallyMaster of the Mason Dixon 20-20 said, you have less time to correct any missteps with a shorter rally. Now that Rick's a podium finisher for the 2009 IBR, I wonder if he'd say the same now ? :)

So, for those that enjoyed following along on the 100CCC, stay tuned. I'll update with progress reports and then see if I can sweet talk Jennifer into shadow posting again. She did such a great job last time.

Let the fun begin!!!

Iron Butt Rally page